Sri.Gangasingh ji Maharaja

Sri.Gangasingh ji Maharaja

Sri Gangasingh Maharaja

Sri Gangasingh Maharaja

Monday, April 16, 2007

Bikaner Canal (Gang Canal

The Gang Canal was constructed in 1920-26 as a part of the Sutlej Valley Project which was undertaken jointly by the Govt. of Punjab, the State of Bhawalpur and the State of Bikaner. The authorized full supply discharge of the Gang Canal was kept 2144 Cs.

Soon after the constrction of Bikaner Canal was started, it was felt that some additional supplies would be available during Kharif period and therefore two non-perennial channels were added. The authorised full supply discharge of canal was increased to 2720 Cs.

After partition the Sutlej valley component was completely omitted in calculating the share to be delivered to Pakistan and as such some additional quantity of water became available for utilisation in Indian Canals i.e. Bikaner canal and Eastern Canal.

In 1960 the Indo Pakistan Treaty came into force and according to this treaty,the share of Pakistan Canals to be delivered below Ferozepur included the Sutlej component also . The Gang Canal was therefore reduced to its pre partition allocation only.

Thus after the signing of Indus Treaty, the Sutlej component which consisted mainly of losses and gains between Ropar and Ferozepur was included in the distributable pool and was no longer available to Gang Canal.

The Gang Canal (AFSQ 2720 Cs. Perennial) was getting supplies from Ferozepur Headworks upto 1955. After the construction of Harike Barrage during 1955, the Bikaner Canal is getting supplies partially through Ferozepur Headworks and through Ferozpur Feeder. The Bikaner Canal has its pre partition share of 1.11 MAF annually.

2- Indira Gandhi Nehar Feeder (Rajastan Feeder) After the construction of Harike Barrage, Rajasthan is getting its Ravi Beas waters through Indira Gandhi Feeder (which started irrigation on a non perennial basis in 1961 and such irrigation has been gradually increasing as more areas are brought under command) having full supply discharge of 18500 Cs.

As per 1981 agreement, Rajasthan is entitled to use 8.0 MAF out of surplus Ravi Beas waters against 8.60 MAF share quota. Now Rajasthan is in a position to use its full share 8.6 MAF, the matter has been taken up with the Punjab authorities as well as with BBMB, for restoring its 0.6 MAF water presently being utilised by Punjab.